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Locket is
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Lock Screen.

It’s the easiest way to discover stories you care about - on your lock screen.

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Bored of your

Lock Screen?

Bring it to life with stories and photos your friends are sharing. Discover what's happening all from one place — your lock screen.

When I first met with the Locket team, my immediate reaction was, Locket is genius!

Simple yet brilliant.

Locket is totally fierce: Tyra Banks invests in the lockscreen app

Based on your interests and swiping habits,
we bring to your lock screen...

Trending stuff your friends are talking about

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Stories that inspire you

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Weather to make sure you are prepared

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Gorgeous pictures that make your day

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Inside the app, you can...

Tell us what you like

Personalize your lock screen to your taste. The more you use Locket, the more relevant it becomes to you.

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Add your personal touch

Throw in your favorite photos into the mix.

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