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We check our phone ~110 times per day. That's a lot of time on a boring lock screen. Bring it to life with trending content freshly curated for you by Locket.

Welcome to your new

Lock Screen.

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Bored of your

Lock Screen?

Bring it to life with stories and photos your friends are sharing. Discover what's happening all from one place — your lock screen.

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When I first met with the Locket team, my immediate reaction was, Locket is genuis!

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Simple yet brilliant.

Locket Press

Locket is totally fierce: Tyra Banks invests in the lockscreen app

  • Lock Screen Trend

    What You Will See:

    Trending stuff your friends are talking about.

  • Lock Content

    What You Will See:

    Stories that inspire you.

  • Lock Followers

    What You Will See:

    Local weather forecasts to help you dress smarter.

  • Lock Screen See It Again

    What You Will See:

    Gorgeous pictures that make your day.

  • Lock Screen Personalize

    Personalize your lock screen to your taste.

    The more you use Locket, the more relevant it becomes.

  • Lock Screen Features

    Don't forget to add that personal touch.

    Throw in your favorite photos to the mix.

  • Lock Screen Trend

    Discover popular, trending content

    More powerful than home screens, widgets and launchers, Locket will bring your lock screen to life. Swipe to view.

  • Lock Screen Content

    Get content you want

    Follow friends to discover what they are sharing on your lock screen.

  • Lock Screen Followers

    Share with followers

    Got a great video or story? Share it instantly to their lock screens.

  • Lock Screen

    Personalize your lock screen

    Add your best photos, get local weather and see beautiful images on the lock screen.

  • Get additional features

    Up to date weather, rotating background images from 500px and more.


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