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Recent Stories

  • Tyra Banks Invests In Locket, The App That Brings Ads And Other Content To Android Lockscreens

    "Locket, the Android application that puts ads and other content on your lockscreen, letting users earn small amounts of money every time they unlock their smartphone, has received an additional investment from Fierce Capital, LLC, the investment arm of The Tyra Banks Company. Smize, you guys, Tyra’s into Ad Tech now!"

  • Locket is totally fierce: Tyra Banks invests in the lockscreen ad app

    "Proving yet again that you can’t escape Tyra Banks, she’s now setting her sights on ad tech."

  • Yunha Kim Founder of Locket: Why I Quit my Job to Launch a Startup

    "Young entrepreneur Yunha Kim wants to pay you every time you unlock your phone. Locket is an app that delivers ads on your lock screen, and pays you for just unlocking your phone."

  • Locket Launches A Developer Toolkit That Lets App Publishers Push Ads To Android Lockscreens

    "Locket, the Android app that pays you (in tiny amounts) just for unlocking your smartphone, is today launching a toolkit for app developers that will allow them to publish their own content to users’ lock screens."

  • Locket, which puts ads on your Android lock screen, calls a vote for its next round of charities

    "After dipping its toes into lock screen charity donations in August, Locket will now let its users choose the next few charities it will feature."

  • New Numbers Back Up Our Obsession With Phones

    "How's this for a sign of our digitally addicted times: Users swipe their screens to unlock their phones an average of 110 times a day, according to data from the app company Locket."

  • Study Says We Unlock Our Phones a LOT Each Day

    "According to a study released by app maker Locket, the average person unlocks his or her phone 110 times each day."

  • Here’s The Cold, Hard Proof That We Can’t Stop Checking Our Phones

    "Locket, an Android app that pays users in exchange for placing ads on their lockscreens, has compiled data on its 150,000-plus users and, guess what: They’re constantly locking and unlocking their phones. "

  • Locket: A Cinderella Story For Startups?

    "They’re not just running standard ads through the app. They’re creating unique experiences for their users."

  • Locket now lets you donate earnings from Android lock screen ads to charity

    "Locket, a New York City-based startup that lets you earn money from ads on your Android phone lock screens, is aiming to use its technology for good."

  • Mobile Phone as Virtual Billboard: Locket's Ads for the Small Screen

    "One New York startup has aimed its sights on the static space of a mobile phone's "locked" screen to deliver advertising."

  • Locket Puts Ads On Smartphone Lock Screens

July 2013